Cat Houses

Cat house

Cat house will protect your furniture and anything your favorite cat can scratch.
If your cat wants to play, but you don’t have time, she can play in her own house for cats, it’s a perfect toy for your cat.
Strong, but not heavy construction provides stable support, even if the cat is very active.
What’s in the house for your pet?
With a soft bed, a durable trampoline and a large room, your pets can freely jump, play, sleep and relax, which allows you to relax or do household chores.

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Climbing and jumping platform for cats in the form of a tree

platform for cats

This platform serves as a relaxation and activity area for your cat. Your pet will be able to run, jump, play and sharpen its claws. This structure will serve as a good decoration for your home. The platform is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. The large base size will allow your pet to play freely. This is the best toy for your cat. She will not let your pet get bored and give him a healthy body. Your furniture will be left without scratches.

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Electronic toys Pet Cat Toy Smart with automatic detection of obstacles

toy for cats

A toy in the form of an LED wheel on a battery. With this toy you can calmly go about your business, and your pet will play by itself.
You can take the toy with you wherever you go. This toy will replace all other toys. Your pet will fall in love with this miracle.
Do not deny your cat such joy.

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Cat Carrot Toy climbing base for cats

cats toys

Cat Carrot Toy climbing base for cats made of durable materials
This base has dimensions of 27 x 10 x 8 cm. The advantage of this structure is the use of only high-quality materials. This toy will not harm your pet because it is made of non-toxic materials. Cute carrots will amuse your pet. Now your cat will always find something to do. Your furniture will be intact. At this base, your cat will sharpen its claws. This platform will last you a very long time. Pleasant design will complement your interior.

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Furry Spring Cat Toy

Furry Spring Cat Toy

A fluffy pompom will give your cat a cheerful and playful mood. The basis of the toy is a round fur frame.
The toy is made of: wood, synthetics and wire. You can choose the color to taste: white or beige. The toy comes in a box of 8.375 x 4 x 10.25.
Give your kitten a fun activity. With this toy your pet will be busy for a long time. Your cat will train for several hours.

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Cat Laser Toy Automatic, Interactive Toy for Kittens😺 / Dogs🐶

Cat Laser Toy

The product is made of high quality plastic.
Toy: equipped with USB charging, has a silent mode, has the ability to automatically turn on and off.
The toy can be placed high and your pet will not harm it.
You can choose one of 5 modes.
Now you can safely leave home and your cat will be able to have fun on their own.

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Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

Roller Cat Toy

This entertaining toy has 3 levels. Thanks to her, your cat 😺 will be busy for more than an hour.
Now you will not worry that your pet is bored.
This toy is suitable for one and several cats. Your cat will always be active and healthy. These balls will seem to the cat a prey to be caught. The toy perfectly stimulates your pet both physically and mentally.
The toy does not have small parts (threads, ribbons) that are dangerous for the animal . Now you can safely leave the house, and your cat will have fun on its own.
Give your furry pet joy and fun.

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Interactive toys for cats – Automatic toys for cat teasers and simulators with a feather

Interactive toys for cats

The toy for your cat 😺 is made of durable and safe ABS material. Thanks to the rubber feet, the toy will not slip.
This cat toy is equipped with a flying wand, on which a rotating feather and ball inside. This toy will appeal to any pet. Your cat will hunt and play. Now that you are not at home, your furry friends will find something to do with themselves.
To activate the toy, press the button below sufficiently.
Your cat will always be active with this device.
For convenience, 2 modes are provided: fast and slow.
The kit includes a fountain pen for replacement, batteries and a screwdriver.

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Cat Toilet Training Kit

Cat Toilet

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No more buying new toilets for cats and your other pets. Just washed and nothing more.
Fast shipping!
Works for all cats of all ages – you will save thousands of dollars on cat toilets !!!
Platform seat – Trash bowl holder – Pad set – Easy to use!

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